Wellington Resort

Wellington Resort, Newport Rhode Island

Welcome to Wellington Resort, Newport, Rhode Island, a magical vacation destination in the heart of downtown Newport. Here, you can relax on or in gin clear water surrounded by magnificent vistas of seemingly endless shoreline presenting Mother Nature dressed in her Sunday best.

Imagine having the choice of cooking in a designer kitchen or dining in a gourmet restaurant just a few feet from your doorstep.

Dare to imagine beautiful sunsets, quaint architecture, bistros, boutiques, cafes, specialty shops, museums, and art galleries within walking distance of home.

Imagine winding down in a relaxing sauna after working out at an onsite fitness center where you finish your exercise session with a swim in an indoor pool.

When your day of shopping, eating, exercising and indulging in all that a culturally rich, New England destination has to offer comes to an end, imagine relaxing in a comfortable chair with your favorite libation and a good book from the onsite library, or, watching a movie in the serenity of a well appointed living room on your flat screen TV.

If you have an appetite for more excitement, imagine enjoying the nightlife in a bustling sophisticated city where entertainment abounds. Satisfy your cravings for jazz, theater, dancing, or live music of every style and genre just a short walk or drive away.

Turn your imagination into reality. Make a reservation at Wellington Resort in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island, one of New England’s most visited and most desirable destinations. Book a room or a suite large enough for a couple or a family. Stay for a night, book a weekend getaway, or stay even longer. Wellington is designed to offer you a home or home away from home that exceeds all expectations.

Thanks for visiting the Wellington Resort, Newport, Rhode Island website. Take a tour and see all that we have to offer. We’ll make every effort to inspire your imagination to live life to its fullest. We promise. That is our mission.